ImageCajasol Seville qualified for Top 16 in Eurochallenge thanks to an easy win against Latvian team Ventspils. Local team got a good advantage in the first quarter, and the game was over then.

After first ten minutes, the result was 24-6. Somehow, that score shows how easy was for Cajasol to qualify for the next round in Eurochallengue. Even being the last team in ACB, is still enough to be such a weak team as Ventspils is nowadays. This Latvian team is very young and unexperienced, with good players like Zakis and Strelnieks, but right now is difficult for them to win away from home in Europe. 

So Cajasol took advantage of this, and played very hard since the beginning of the match. The difference would only increase in the rest of the game, to finish 98-51. The best men were inside players, like Triguero (as always playing in Europe), Savanovic and a surprisingly motivated Mile Ilic, which is very questionated here in Seville.

At least playing in Europe give some fresh air to the team, since the day to day in local competition is a complete disaster. These European games should be some kind of therapy to make the team more self-confident. Because it's clear that the main goal for Cajasol right now is to get as many wins as possible to be next year playig in top European league.  

98 – Cajasol (24+20+22+30): Juan Antonio Aguilar (3), Tyrone Ellis (7), Andrea Pecile (9), Caner Medley (13), Juan José Triguero (16) -starting five-, Joaquín Bonhome (3), Pedro Rivero (2), Dusko Savanovic (16), Michal Ignerski (11), De Juan Collins (1), Andrés Miso (5), Mile Ilic (12)

51 – BK Ventspils (6+18+13+14): Tyrone Brazelton (24), Mareks Jurevicus (3), Akselis Vairogs (2), Pavels Vaselovs (2), Ronalds Zakis (10) -starting five-, Juris Umbrasko (-), Arturs Berzins (-), Kristaps Kanbergs (-), Janis Strelnieks (5), Georgios Tsiakos (5)