Cajasol Seville failed to win its first game in the Last16 after losing to Lokomotiv Kuban at home 80-87. Aleks Maric and Derrick Brown were unstoppable for the local defense, scoring 26 and 28 points each.

Cajasol played its best in the first half, when a sleepy visiting team couldn’t get to the level required in this kind of game. Nobody defended in Lokomotiv, and the Sevillian team hoped that it continued all the game like that so they could grab their first win in Last16. A great job in offensive rebounding, especially thanks to Williams, gave the local team a 12-points advantage that went down to 7 by the end of the first half.

Everything changed in the second half. Pashutin ordered his men to find Aleks Maric inside, and he took advantage (most of the times) of a young Ondrej Balvin, who managed to block up to 5 shoots anyway. The czech center can be somebody, if he puts his mind into it. But right now the man is Maric, and he proved it. Derrick Brown started to play above the rim, and Cajasol lost control of the situation. Satoranski didn’t have his day, and Aito ordered a zonal defense too late to stop Maric in the paint.

This game leaves Cajasol at the bottom of Group K and Lokomotiv still unbeaten. Next week both teams will face again, this time in Russia.