Dragic: “I will stay in Vitoria”

ImageIn the last days there were contacts between TAU Baskonia and Goran Dragic for the trade of the Slovenian player to the NBA franchise. Steve Kerr wanted Dragic to be the backup playmaker of the Suns, but the player has just confirmed he will play for TAU (details inside).

According to his last quotes, Goran Dragic will play for TAU during the next three years: "I will play for TAU next three years, I am happy here and I want to train hard to improve", said the Slovenian playmaker.

Besides, TAU's President said few days ago: "The roster is closed" (they just have to sign two players to help in the training seasons, one of them will be Ariel Eslava).

Phoenix Suns had to break the contract paying a buyout. NBA teams can pay only 500.000$ for a trade with foreigns clubs, and Dragic's buyout is more than three times this amount.

So, the only solution to the problem was signing a contract high enough to allow Dragic pay the remaining of the buyout with part of his salary. Finally the operation will not be done and Dragic will play for TAU.