Gianluca had the chance to have a quick interview with the Italian wing forward of Regal Barcelona, Gianluca Basile.

– Gianluca, first of all, you have made a great start in the ACB league and in the Euroleague's competition. In the spanish domestic league your team's record is 7-3 and in the Euroleague's stage is 2-0 with a great win against SLUC Nancy. Could you please state a comment about Barcelona's performances till now, and what we can expect from the team during the rest of the season?

We have started well but we have to wait until the season is over. We are playing well so far but we have had some games lost and we did not have to loose them.

Regal Barcelona seems like a really strong team this season, and with the come-back of Juan Carlos Navarro and the adds of the two "big-men", David Andersen and Daniel Santiago, can beat every opponent in the courts. Do you think that this season, is Regal Barcelona's season? It is tough in the courts, but the team can get over every obstacle.

We have a good bunch of players but we have still to improve as a team. We have a lot of talent on the team and if one player does not play good one day, another player can do it. This is the best of this team. We try to play every game as if it was a final.

Ganliuca, this is your 4th season in the row in the team of Barcelona. I am sure that the team all these years fulfil your personal aims, your personal thoughts around basketball. Which is your personal aim that you want to achieve with the team?

I only have won one title during these 3 years. We have been good but not enough. I played one F-4 and two ACB playoffs' finals but in a team like Regal Barcelona you only play for titles. The rest in not important. My goal is winning. I am not happy if I score 30 points and my team losses. I go home and I do not feel happy. If we win and I have scored only 2 points I feel much better.

The head coach of the team, mr. Xaviel Pascual, is a really great coach and seems that he can transfer his passion to all players during a game. Could you make a comment about the coach, could you give us some of his main characteristics that make him such a prestigious coach?

He is a young coach but has a lot of acknowlegment. He knows what he is doing. He has answers when we need him. He has a lot of passion and we see it. He controls all the aspects of the game and he understands the players. I like him a lot.

And a last question that has to do with the Euroleague. Which teams that participate in the Euroleague's stages, do you think that can reach the F-4 in Berlin, or even which team(s) could be the outsider during the competition and reach the stage of the final-8 or F-4?

I think tha t CSKA Moscow, Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, TAU Ceramica, Montepaschi Siena, Real Madrid and Regal Barcelona have chances to clinch for the F-4 in Berlin. I do not know who is going to participate in the F-4, but it will be a very nice F-4. I hope we could be there and win the title. It would be a dream come true.

Thank you very much for your time and wish you personal achievements with Regal Barcelona.