FIBA have announced that World Cup qualifying games played on Thursday during the November 2017 to February 2018 window will be moved to Friday nights.

This will enable EuroLeague players to compete for their national sides.

“The decision was taken after FIBA presented a compromise solution to the Presidents of the 16 Euroleague clubs and to Euroleague Commercial Assets (ECA) on Monday, September 25,” FIBA’s press release said.

“This modification to the calendar enables Euroleague clubs to compete with their best players, while also allowing Euroleague players to join their national teams.

However with teams and fans already booking travel, flights and accommodation, and possible venue clashes now in prospect, FIBA’s move could cause possible interruption and even extra costs with the possibility of demands for compensation.

Some teams though are playing on Friday already.

“FIBA is currently working closely with its National Federations in order for them to confirm any necessary changes of game venues and travel bookings for their national teams.”

EuroLeague Basketball will meet with players on Friday to discuss the latest changes that FIBA have made and what decision they might possibly come to.

All EuroLeague games on the first week of the international window would be played on Tuesday, November 21, allowing EuroLeague players to join up with their respective national teams.