One of Fenerbahce’s leaders, Bogdan Bogdanovic, talked to about the semi-final against Real Madrid as well as his head coach, Zeljko Obradovic, and the club’s supporters.

Ahead of Friday’s game against the “Whites”, the 24-year-old Serbian praised the Spanish team for its excellent performance during the regular season, however he mentioned he is excited about the match and he and his team-mates will do their best to be victorious, sticking to their plan and only focusing on the game.

Concerning the presence of many Fenerbahce supporters at the “Sinan Erdem Dome”, Bogdanovic stated that they will not add extra pressure to the players, but they will help them, adding that “we need to win our opponents on the court, one way or another.”

Last but not least, Euroleague’s MVP for April talked about his coach, Zeljko Obradovic, mentioning that there are many comments somebody can make about the experienced coach, as “he has earned everybody’s respect and has done many things for the club, being one of the best worldwide,” he added.