ImageJure Zdovc, Olimpija's coach pleased for a win over Maccabi in order for his team's dream to make it to the Top16 phase remains alive.

The full statements of Zdovc at the press conference: "If we want to keep on dreaming about making the Top 16, we have to beat Maccabi. No math needed, only a win is good enough. I am sure that with all players concentrated and the help of our fans we can beat this European giant. Too bad that Ilievski is still out, he will not be playing Maccabi for sure, and he may be out even for the rest of the season du to the nature of his injury. Thankfully, Matt Walsh is back with us after his ankle problems, so I hope we are prepared for this duel."

Jaka Klobucar spoke on the behalf of Olimpija players: "Maccabi showed us their level in the first game, so we know what to expect. We will have to play aggressive from minute one, like we did against Lottomatica but not against Partizan in the last Adriatic League game. Only giving our maximum we will be able to beat Maccabi. I hope that the Tivoli stands are packed because in important games like this one, the crowd can be the difference between the win or the loss."

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