ImageBarcelona's coach Xavi Pascual made statements about tonight's game between his team and Fenerbahce and called for his players' attention because Fenerbahce, according to him, is getting better as time goes by.

Xavi Pascual: "We start the second round of game and after the road win in Siena, we may have the feeling that we already did all we needed to be first, but that is not true. If we believe that, we will have troubles to beat Fenerbahce Ulker. It will be in the Top 16 for sure and can even make it to the Quarterfinal Playoffs. It is a team able to score and imtimidate. They are getting better as the season goes by, have a lot of potential and can do well in this year's Euroleague."

Barcelona players were represented by Jaka Lakovic who said: "Barcelona is the favourite team in this game and we have to take that tole. We work hard to prepare each and every game and we want to be 100% ready for this one against Fenerbahce Ulker. We are not interested in anything else than beating Fenerbahce. We expect to see a different team than in Game 1. Fenerbahce plays better now, they are used to each other so it is logical. They know each other well now and are playing better basketball."

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