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During the off-season, if NBA players are not representing their respective national sides or in the gym then their down time sees them on the golf course, watching television at home or spending with loved ones.

But in Chicago Bulls power forward Bobby Portis’ case, he took up sailing for the day.

The 2015 NBA Draft pick accepted the challenge issued by Great Britain’s America’s Cup team, Land Rover BAR to take to the waters.

After a bespoke sailing workout covering strength, mobility and endurance, Portis then went head-to-head in a grinding challenge with the Land Rover BAR sailing team, and managed to power into second place on the leaderboard – an impressive finish behind the main power house of the team, Freddie Carr.

It was then the turn of Bobby to put the sailors’ ball skills to the test on a pop-up court in the team’s technical area. After some shooting practice with Bobby, the team attempted the free-throw challenge which put them to the test and Portis demonstrated why he is labeled ‘an explosive ball of energy’.

Here’s how he got on.

These guys are endurance athletes and their demonstration today showed what it takes to sail these boats at such high speeds, highlighting just how fit they all are,” Portis said.

“Joining them to train was great and you can see the pressure, energy and strength they have. They certainly put me through my paces during the training session – but I had them on the court.”