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Before I post my 2024 draft rankings, here’s some notes from the past two drafts.

  • Banchero vs. Smith Jr: By now it’s pretty obvious that Paolo Banchero was the right #1 pick in 2022. I had Jabari Smith Jr. ranked as my #1 player based on his two-way ability, but Banchero is way better offensively with shot creation, playmaking, and getting to the free throw line (something I didn’t seriously take into account with Smith because I thought his three-point shooting would make up for it). Smith has only been a little bit better three-point shooter, barely gets to the free throw line, and isn’t close to the same shot creator or passer as Banchero. I’ve always been impressed with the way Jabari defends and he’s still extremely young (just turned 21), so hopefully he puts a major focus on his offensive game going forward.
  • Sharpe vs. Holmgren: Shaedon Sharpe was my #3 ranked player over Chet Holmgren in the 2022 draft. To me, Sharpe is the better scorer and playmaker (Holmgren better defender), but being efficient/whether he becomes a starter or not will be huge for him.
  • Miller vs. Henderson: 2023 #2 pick Brandon Miller looked better than 3rd pick Scoot Henderson on both ends this past season (I ranked Henderson 2nd). I love the determination Scoot plays with and how he guards guys full-court. However, kinda similar to Banchero vs. Smith Jr., offense has made a big difference so far. Miller scores the ball way easier and is more efficient right now. Henderson has to work on limiting turnovers and getting his field goal and 3-point percentages up (better passer and gets to the free throw line more though). 
  • Mathurin vs. Ivey, Daniels, and Griffin: Ranking Jaden Ivey, Dyson Daniels, and AJ Griffin ahead of Bennedict Mathurin has clearly been a mistake so far. I really hope those three guards can figure it out because the potential is still there. Mathurin has understood his game at the NBA level quite nicely so far.
  • George: When at his best, rookie Keyonte George looked like a future All-Star during 2023-24. His efficiency in college was why I only ranked him 20th last year and he still wasn’t that consistent this season, but there’s no doubt that he can become one of the best in the 2023 draft class, because his confident ability to score and pass are just way too electric plus there’s a willingness to take on challenges defensively.