Magic Johnson
Photo: YouTube screenshot

Following the Boston Celtics’ victory in the NBA Finals, Los Angeles Lakers icon Magic Johnson took to X to share his thoughts on the historic win.

Magic congratulated the Celtics’ ownership, coaching staff, and players, acknowledging their exceptional performance throughout the season.

“Congratulations to the Boston Celtics Majority Owner Wyc Grousbeck, Coach Joe Mazzulla, their three leaders Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Jrue Holiday, and the rest of the team for winning the NBA Championship!” the five-time NBA champion tweeted.

Expressing a hint of rivalry, Magic lamented the fact that the Celtics (18 titles) now boast more NBA championships than the Lakers (17 titles).

“I hate that the Celtics officially have more championships than us now,” Johnson tweeted.

In a series of tweets, Magic praised Celtics GM Brad Stevens for strategic trades that bolstered the team’s roster significantly.

“Celtics GM Brad Stevens trading for Jru Holiday and Kristaps Prozingis was an MVP move that made the Celtics the best team in basketball this year! Adding Holiday made them the perimeter defending team in the league, and adding Prozingis made them the most explosive offensive and best starting 5 in basketball this year!” Johnson tweeted.

Acknowledging the brilliance of Jaylen Brown, Magic extended his congratulations to the Celtics player for clinching the Finals MVP title.

“Congratulations to Jaylen Brown on winning the NBA Finals MVP!” he tweeted.

Magic also commended Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla for his leadership and tactical acumen throughout the playoffs.

“Joe Mazzulla really improved as a coach this season and had the Celtics prepared for every round of the playoffs, making all the proper adjustments on offense and defense,” the legendary Laker tweeted.

Reflecting on the dynamics of the Finals matchup, Magic highlighted the Celtics’ depth and strategic advantages over the Mavericks.

In his concluding tweet, Magic emphasized the importance of matchups in the playoffs and credited the Celtics’ strengths for their championship triumph.

“The Playoffs are a game of matchups, and the Celtics were too much of a challenge for the Mavs with all their depth. Their strengths outweighed the Mavs strengths and its the reason why they are Champions!” Johnson concluded.