Kyrie Irving, despite falling short in the NBA Finals with the Dallas Mavericks, remains optimistic about the team’s future.

Reflecting on the season after the Game 5 loss to the Boston Celtics, Irving expressed strong confidence in the Mavericks’ potential moving forward.

“Very confident. That’s what’s a positive note that we can take from this series just how far we made it and how proud of it I am of the guys,” Irving remarked.

Irving highlighted the team’s journey and expressed pride in their accomplishments, emphasizing the positive strides made throughout the season.

“We answered a lot of questions this year on what we were capable of doing,” Irving noted.

The star player sees an opportunity for the Mavericks to establish themselves as consistent contenders for championships in the future.

“Now it’s just about being consistent,” Irving emphasized.

Irving emphasized the importance of building a culture of success within the organization and expressed joy in being part of such an environment.

“I think it’s easy to achieve goals that are bigger than yourself because everyone’s really dialed in and having a good sense of joy about them,” Irving added.

He believes that the Mavericks have the right elements in place to continue competing at the highest level in the coming seasons.

“I see an opportunity for us to really build our future in a positive manner where this is almost like a regular thing for us and we’re competing for championships,” Irving stated.

Irving’s comments reflect his appreciation for the team’s collective effort and the growth experienced both on and off the court.

“And I think from a spiritual standpoint I think I enjoyed this journey more than any other season just because of the redemption arc and being able to learn as much as I did about myself and my teammates and the organization and the people that I’m around,” he said.

“It’s a lot of good people here, so it makes coming to work a lot of fun. When you have that type of environment, I think it’s easy to achieve goals that are bigger than yourself because everyone’s really dialed in and having a good sense of joy about them,” Irving shared.

Irving also reflected on his own Finals experience while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and it can be taken as a lesson and motivation.

“When I was a little bit younger and I was injured in 2015 and we lost, it was a team loss. It wasn’t just I was injured and we could have done this or that,” he said. “So that went on my Finals record, I was 0-1. The next year we came back and won in a 3-1 comeback. And then the following year we lost against the Warriors and I haven’t been back since.

“So I look at it as opportunity for us to observe what we did well this year as a group and how me and Luka could be better as the leaders of the team, few of the leaders on the team and really just enjoy how the ups and downs of what’s coming because now we know what to expect.”

Irving also spoke about how this year involved Mavericks players adjusting to new roles and success.

“This past year was a lot of newness. It was a lot of people being in new positions in terms of just success,” he continued. “Success could be new for a lot of people too. But when you fail at the Finals, it’s not something that you want to carry the disappointment forever or on to the next season.”

Despite not achieving the ultimate goal of winning the championship, Irving emphasized that the team did achieve most of their goals.

“We worked extremely hard to be one of the final two teams, we didn’t achieve our goal, but we achieved most of our goals, so this is just the last step that we have to get back to and we know it’s not going to be easy,” he said.

“We’re going to go against a lot of young teams that are emerging, but we’re going to get better as well and I think this experience will carry us forth in the following series that we play next year, God willing we make it back to the playoffs and get the chance to play our best basketball.”