Photo: ESPN/YouTube

Despite mounting speculation that the Los Angeles Lakers are poised to appoint JJ Redick as head coach, the organization is pushing back, asserting that no final decision has been made.

The Lakers are purportedly considering multiple candidates for the coaching position, with James Borrego emerging as a serious contender alongside Redick.

On The Hoop Collective Podcast, Brian Windhorst emphasized the Lakers’ stance, indicating a concerted effort to convey that the coaching search is still ongoing.

“There’s a very strong message coming out that the Lakers are still early in their process. That there’s still steps to be done. And that they’re being very thorough and there’s nothing to see here and don’t worry about that,” he said, via RealGM.

While Redick’s potential hiring has generated buzz, there are conflicting reports within the NBA community, with some sources suggesting the decision is imminent while others maintain it remains part of an ongoing process.

Windhorst underscored the complexity of the situation, acknowledging the varied information circulating within basketball circles regarding Redick’s candidacy.

While Redick is viewed as a strong contender, New Orleans Pelicans assistant coach James Borrego has also garnered attention, having engaged in multiple meetings with Lakers officials.