Photo: Vasiliki Karamouza/X

Giannis Antetokounmpo expressed admiration for Ergin Ataman after Panathinaikos’ victory over Real Madrid in the EuroLeague championship game.

Ataman secured his third EuroLeague title, previously winning twice with Anadolu Efes. The championship win ended a 12-year drought for Panathinaikos, who last appeared in the EuroLeague Final Four in 2012 and won their last title in 2011.

Antetokounmpo attended the Final Four to watch his younger brother Kostas win the title with Panathinaikos. After the game, he praised Ataman’s coaching prowess.

“You are the No. 1 coach, the best. I would love to play for a coach like you,” Antetokounmpo told Ataman, shaking his hand.

Ataman’s success with Panathinaikos cements his status as one of the top coaches in EuroLeague history. The victory also brought immense joy to Panathinaikos fans, who had waited over a decade for another championship.