Photo: Utah Jazz/X

Here’s Utah Jazz guard Collin Sexton on growing as a playmaker following averaging a career-high 4.9 APG this past season.

(via Utah Jazz):

Reporter: “We talk a lot about your work ethic, but when you look at your evolution of your game of basketball and your career, what’s something that you take pride in the most where you’re just like, ‘Man, I’ve really developed this skill at this point after playing with the Jazz this season.’?”

Sexton: “I would say reading the game and I can tell how much my passing ability has increased over just this year, even last year, but just reading the game and seeing plays before they happen. Me and [Evan] Bradds do a lot of work, just off the, ‘OK, if this guy does this, do this.’ Just always have a counter, and that was something we continued to work on even when the season was going on. I feel like my playmaking and my reading ability really took a jump. I don’t know if you guys seen it, but I feel like for me, that’s what happened, especially certain games going out and getting six, seven assists. That felt really good for me. That was my goal each and every night: Just try to see how many assists I’m going to be able to get because I know I can score the ball, I know I can make plays for myself, but just being able to get other guys going. I feel like you can tell after I make an assist it kind of pumps me up a little bit and it gets me excited, I like things like that.”