Photo: USC Trojans/Twitter

As the 2024 NBA Draft approaches, speculation surrounding Bronny James’ potential selection intensifies.

According to his agent Rich Paul, Bronny will not entertain offers for a two-way contract. Paul, who represents LeBron James as well, has been vocal about Bronny’s draft prospects.

In an interview with Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report, Paul revealed the varying opinions among NBA teams regarding Bronny’s draft position.

While some teams project him within the 20 to 40 range, others anticipate his selection between 30 to 50, or even suggest he might go undrafted.

“Bronny James’ range has been all over. Some teams think he goes 20 to 40, some say 30-50, and some teams think he’ll go undrafted,” Paul said. “It just takes one team. This is something I do every year during the draft process. This is not Bronny-centric. He’s a part of our draft class. I have to try to help find the right fit for all my guys as well as the right deal. So that’s how I’m looking at it.”

When asked about the possibility of a two-way contract, Paul firmly stated that it’s off the table. “Teams know that. I’m not doing that,” he said.