NBA insider Shams Charania has offered insights into the ongoing head coaching search for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Following UConn’s Dan Hurley’s rejection of the Lakers’ offer, Charania discussed the situation on The Pat McAfee Show.

Charania addressed the concerns of other potential candidates, including JJ Redick and James Borrego, who may feel overshadowed by Hurley’s massive deal offer.

He highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the Lakers’ coaching selection process and the impact it may have on candidates’ perceptions.

“I don’t think anyone really knows where the Lakers go from here in totality because you see how this process has not been a straight line,” Charania stated.

“But I would say only he can answer that question though like, how do you feel about really any coach that’s going to get this job now it’s this cloud that even though it was an attempt at the last second, it was really a Hail Mary throw.”

Despite the unpredictability, Charania emphasized the allure of coaching the Lakers, particularly with star players like LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

He acknowledged that any coach would find the opportunity appealing, regardless of the previous twists in the hiring process.

“This is still a big-time job… Any coach would walk into this situation if they offer the job to either of those two targets, JJ Redick, James Borrego,” Charania explained.

However, he also recognized that candidates may have mixed feelings about the sudden shift in focus caused by Hurley’s offer.

“But really how peeved, how upset, only they can answer that,” Charania concluded.