Former NBA player Chandler Parsons recently expressed his desire to witness Kyrie Irving join Team USA for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympic Games, endorsing the Dallas Mavericks’ star for a spot on the prestigious roster.

Parsons, co-host of FanDuelTV’s Run It Back, emphasized Irving’s scoring prowess and shooting ability, highlighting his potential impact on the team’s performance.

“I would love to see him on Team USA,” Parsons said. “First of all, I think they could use him. He’s one of the best scoring guards, he can shoot the ball, especially from that length in the Olympics. And just to see the growth how far he’s come from all the drama, everything surrounding his name, although some of the sh*t he said it’s been very self-inflicting.”

Irving’s interest in representing Team USA at the Paris Olympics has been widely reported, with NBA insider Shams Charania noting the guard’s strong desire to contribute to the national team’s success.

As a former MVP of the 2014 World Cup and a gold medalist with the 2016 Olympic team, Irving boasts a strong international resume, making him a compelling candidate for Team USA.

“He has a great desire to play on Team USA,” Charania said. “He wants to be part of the Olympic team in Paris. We’re going to see potentially if that’s going to come to fruition.

“But he was the 2014 World Cup MVP, he was on the 2016 Olympic team that won gold medal. I think that he’s going to be a name to continue to monitor for Team USA. A lot of it has been about this season. I don’t think a lot of people expected him to be a name that we’re going to be talking again for Team USA.”