Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

In an unexpected turn last November, Draymond Green recounted his inaugural visit to Klay Thompson’s boat on the “7PM in Brooklyn with Carmelo Anthony and The Kid Mero” podcast.

Green revealed that the boat played a crucial role in a rescue mission when he was stranded on the San Francisco–Oakland Bay due to the closure of the Bay Bridge amid demonstrations.

Trapped after returning from a suspension, Green sought to reach the Warriors’ practice facility, but the bridge was shut down due to pro-Palestinian protests in the area.

“There was a protest on the Bay Bridge,” Green mentioned.

When several attempts to cross the bridge failed, Thompson came to the rescue with his boat, Green explained.

“Klay came on his boat across the water to pick me up in Jack London Square in Oakland,” Green explained as the hosts began to laugh. “[VP of team operations] Eric Housen tried to get the cops to like escort me through. Nothing could work, you could not get across.”