Photo: Peter Baba

Former NBA player Channing Frye doesn’t hold back when assessing the Los Angeles Lakers’ championship prospects this season.

Speaking on FanDuelTV’s Run It Back, Frye emphatically stated that the Lakers have “zero” chance of winning the title.

Frye’s blunt assessment came in response to a question about the Lakers’ championship aspirations this year, reflecting on their current standing in the Western Conference.

With the Lakers currently occupying the ninth spot in the West with a 32-28 record, Frye points out the challenging road ahead for the Purple and Gold.

Acknowledging the potential play-in scenario against the Golden State Warriors, Frye suggests that even securing a playoff berth could be a daunting task for the struggling Lakers.

Despite the star power of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Frye’s comments underscore the uncertainties surrounding the Lakers’ championship ambitions this season.