Former NBA standout Jermaine O’Neal recently shared insights into his toughest defensive matchups, singling out Dallas Mavericks icon Dirk Nowitzki as the most formidable opponent he faced on the court.

In a candid interview with Cyro Asseo de Choch of HoopsHype, O’Neal reflected on the challenges posed by Nowitzki’s unique skill set, highlighting the seven-footer’s ability to effortlessly execute pull-up jumpers from various angles and footwork.

Acknowledging the nightly battle of wits and athleticism that defined their matchups, O’Neal emphasized the strategic adjustments required to contain Nowitzki’s offensive prowess effectively.

“So, every night, it was like a challenge. Because you had to adjust how you treated that matchup. I would say if I had to, Dirk Nowitzki. He probably was the most difficult one to guard because he could pull up off any foot, like off the dribble, boom, and he’s up, and he’s seven foot tall,” O’Neal said.