Photo: Peter Baba

Former Dallas Mavericks forward Shawn Marion weighed in on the perennial debate between two Mavericks legends, asserting that Luka Doncic surpasses Dirk Nowitzki in both skillset and scoring prowess.

Marion’s remarks came on SiriusXM NBA Radio where he compared Doncic and Nowitzki, two iconic figures in Mavericks history.

While acknowledging Nowitzki’s illustrious career and historical impact, Marion emphasized Doncic’s exceptional skillset and scoring abilities, particularly evident in his current NBA-leading scoring average of 34.3 points per game.

“As far as skillset and scoring-wise, yes, [Luka is better than Dirk],” Marion said, per Nathaniel Marrero of Sports Illustrated. “That’s not even a question. As far as what Dirk has done, the longevity and history, no, [Luka isn’t better than Dirk]. Dirk is a seven-foot assassin with a fadeaway, but as the whole package, that’s not even actually a relevant question honestly. Look at how much Luka is able to do on the floor.”

Doncic’s sixth season in the NBA has seen him emerge as a dominant force, showcasing unparalleled scoring ability along with remarkable playmaking and rebounding skills.

As Doncic continues to excel on the court, his performances invite comparisons to NBA legends like Nowitzki, underscoring his potential to leave an indelible mark on the league.