Photo: Washington Wizards/X

Washington Wizards star Kyle Kuzma emphasized understanding personnel on defense following Friday’s 133-129 road loss vs. the Boston Celtics.  

(via Washington Wizards):

Ava Wallace: “This starting group that’s got Bilal [Coulibaly], obviously you’re playing without Marvin [Bagley] and everything like that, but what do you notice about the balance? Is it about getting Bilal more minutes as a young guy? What do you like about it?” 

Kuzma: “The lineup was great. I think it was cool. I think our next step… I think we’ve done a great job of bringing more competitive spirit to the game and effort, but we just need to use our minds a little bit more. Certain KYP, knowing your personnel, understanding rotations, and just continuing to make the right play, because we gave ourselves a chance tonight.”

Ava Wallace: “So you mean defensively, not necessarily decision making?”

Kuzma: “Yeah, defensively. Knowing if somebody’s a foul merchant. Knowing they want to sweep through… don’t foul them. Those type of things.”