Russell Westbrook, delivering a vital boost off the bench with 23 points, played a key role in the Los Angeles Clippers’ remarkable 125-114 comeback against the Brooklyn Nets.

Post-game, Westbrook shared his thoughts on the significance of feeling joy while playing basketball, considering it the most crucial aspect of sports.

“It’s the most important part about sports in my opinion,” said the former MVP.

He emphasized the joy that the game brings to players, fans in the arena, and even those watching for a single game, highlighting the positive energy that fuels the competitive spirit.

“I always tell my son when we go out to – he loves soccer – so when he plays soccer, I tell him the most important part about going out is having fun.”

Westbrook further elaborated on the transient nature of wins, losses, turnovers, and shots, emphasizing that joy is the enduring element that resonates with everyone involved.

“You can compete and you can miss and make shots, turnovers, all that stuff is going to come and go, win, lose, draw, whatever. But the joy that this game brings, not just myself, but it brings people in the arena, the kids that came out and watch the game, the fan that came and seen this one game, the only time he can come to the game.”

For Westbrook, the joy and energy, both from the players and the fans, played a crucial role in the Clippers’ comeback victory.

“For me the joy, the energy, I think it’s so important and our bench was so great. The fans were so great to be able to give us and instill that into us. It was so much fun to be on the floor and come out with this win.”