Photo: FanDuel/YouTube screenshot

Former NBA player Chandler Parsons has labeled the Golden State Warriors’ recent struggles as “rock bottom” following a painful loss to a depleted Memphis Grizzlies squad.

The Warriors, with an 18-22 record and sitting in 12th place in the Western Conference, faced notable absentees such as Ja Morant and Desmond Bane in their recent defeat.

During a discussion on FanDuelTV’s Run It Back, co-host Michelle Beadle raised the question of whether this is the lowest point for the Warriors. Parsons responded emphatically, stating, “Yeah, this is rock bottom, it doesn’t get much worse than this.”

Co-host Lou Williams attempted to inject a glimmer of optimism, suggesting, “I don’t think they’re all the way at rock bottom, but you know, they’re getting close.”

As the Warriors navigate a challenging stretch, Parsons’ assessment captures the frustration surrounding the team’s performance, emphasizing the gravity of their recent struggles.