Photo: NBA/YouTube screenshot

Former Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony recently voiced displeasure over the team swiftly assigning his No. 15 jersey to Nikola Jokic, labeling it a “petty maneuver.”

Anthony, who spent eight seasons with the Nuggets, suggested the move aimed to diminish his legacy within the organization, calling it a deliberate act rather than a routine jersey assignment.

Despite Anthony’s critique, Jokic has thrived in the No. 15 jersey, earning two league MVP awards, a Finals MVP, and leading the Nuggets to their first NBA championship last season.

This success has arguably shifted the narrative, with Jokic’s achievements now casting a shadow over Anthony’s time with the team.

Former Nuggets head coach George Karl responded to Anthony’s comments on X, acknowledging Melo’s impact but highlighting the Nuggets’ tendency to be petty.

Karl tweeted, “Melo saved pro hoops in Denver. And he shouldn’t have demanded a trade. But the Nuggets can be petty. And multiple number 15s can hang in the Denver rafters. Happens all the time. And all those things can be true at once!! Life isn’t black and white.”