Photo: YouTube

Carmelo Anthony candidly discussed his departure from the Houston Rockets during a revealing interview with Dwyane Wade.

During the episode of “The Why with Dwyane Wade,” a co-production of iHeartPodcasts and Wade’s 59th & Prairie Entertainment, Anthony recounted the abrupt nature of his removal from the Rockets’ rotation.

Reflecting on the pivotal moment, Anthony described a late-night meeting with an unnamed team official who bluntly informed him of his redundancy on the team.

“We’re like 3-5 or something [and he said we] need to meet. I’m thinking he wanted to meet with me to figure out what’s going on with the team and the players – I don’t want to say his name – come to my room and says, ‘yeah I think your services are no longer needed,'” Melo said.

Anthony expressed his confusion and disbelief at being sidelined so early in the season and questioned the lack of clarity surrounding the decision.

In his own words, Anthony stated, “…I say ah many get out of here, what you talking about man, we gonna figure this out. Now I gotta take it on the joking side. He’s like ‘ah man but nah we don’t see you as part of the plans going into playoffs.’ Playoffs? We are nine games into the season, you talking about playoffs.

“So now I’m getting serious and he’s very stoic just like this is what it’s going to be. And I say, ‘Damn bro, you don’t have a soul man, you don’t have a heart. I can take it. But the fact that you came in here and told me we don’t have a place for you on this team and I asked you why and you telling me well it’s just not a fit…what’s not going to fit?’

“So now, wheels are turning, call CP [Chris Paul]. ‘Yo, CP, bruh, you my family, you my brother, you knew anything about this?’ This is real talk, this is one o’clock in the morning…I need to holla at you. [He said] I swear I ain’t…And to this day I can’t figure out what happened. I don’t know what happened.”

The NBA veteran’s tenure with the Rockets was short-lived, playing only ten games before parting ways with the team.

Following his departure from the Rockets, Anthony briefly joined the Chicago Bulls before being waived in February 2019.