Photo: Orlando Magic/X

Orlando Magic head coach Jamahl Mosley thinks that Paolo Banchero possesses skills of all-time great players like LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony, but is his own player at the end of the day.

(via The Rich Eisen Show):

“The thing about Paolo is he’s so dynamic. To put him in line with just one player is hard to do, because he has the passing ability of a LeBron, the scoring ability of a Melo, the basketball IQ he has is just something incredible. Then the other side of it is just his poise and his demeanor in game. For a 21-year-old to have that is very rare and very special. So he’s got so many combinations that it’s hard to say he’s like this one person, I think he’s going to be his own when it’s all said and done. His uniqueness is special to what we’re doing.”