Photo: Indiana Pacers/X

Indiana Pacers’ rising star Tyrese Haliburton is not just making waves on the court; he’s actively recruiting top-tier talent to join the Pacers’ roster, elevating the team’s appeal to potential star players.

NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski shared insights into Haliburton’s recruiting efforts, stating, “Tyrese Haliburton is telling players, ‘You’ll want to come play with me; I’ll get you the ball, make it easy, and we’ll win.'”

Haliburton’s stellar performance has transformed Indiana into a more enticing destination for star players, prompting the Pacers’ front office to pursue impactful additions to their roster.

Wojnarowski highlighted the significance of Haliburton’s influence, allowing Pacers’ President Kevin Pritchard to actively seek a key player to complement Haliburton’s skills—a coveted “big, athletic two-way wing.”

The Pacers’ proactive approach in trade talks indicates their readiness to invest in securing the right pieces for success. Players like OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam are mentioned as potential targets to bolster the team’s lineup.

Haliburton’s commitment to making Indiana an attractive destination for star players goes beyond the court, aiming to create an environment where top talents not only arrive but choose to stay.

As the Pacers gear up for the inaugural In-Season Tournament Final against the Los Angeles Lakers, Haliburton’s influence extends beyond his on-court prowess, shaping the team’s future ambitions.