Photo: Jump View/YouTube screenshot

Former NBA coach Doc Rivers, currently an ESPN analyst following his departure from the Philadelphia 76ers, opens up about his decision to leave the Boston Celtics for the Los Angeles Clippers.

In a candid admission to Tim Crowley of, Rivers shares that he contemplates what could have been if he had stayed with the Celtics, stating, “I regret it every day.”

Recognizing that the move to the Clippers seemed right at the time, he reflects on the challenges of leaving a place where he spent nine years and had the chance to rebuild.

While Rivers doesn’t dwell on looking back, he acknowledges moments of regret, realizing that staying with the Celtics might have made his life “so much smoother.”

Despite his successful coaching career, including an NBA championship with the Celtics in 2008, Rivers grapples with the impact of his decision to leave the iconic Boston franchise.