Patrick Beverley proved to be a thorn in the side of his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, as the Philadelphia 76ers secured a convincing 138-94 victory.

Scoring a season-high 12 points, including hitting 4 out of 5 three-point attempts, Beverley’s sharpshooting played a pivotal role in the commanding win.

Reflecting on his standout performance, Beverley offered insights into his mindset and preparation for the game.

He remarked, “My body is prepared for the playoffs, so my shooting percentage is always starting to dirt first and kind of trinkle up from there.”

The seasoned guard showcased his understanding of the ebb and flow of the NBA season, emphasizing his focus on peak performance as the playoffs approach.

Despite downplaying any personal vendetta, Beverley acknowledged the unique dynamics of facing his former team.

“I understand that I’m playing a team that I’ve been traded from last season. I wouldn’t say it was personal, but it was a fun one. I knew they’re going to leave me open,” he said.

76ers head coach Nick Nurse’s proactive encouragement also played a role in Beverley’s offensive showcase.

“Nick Nurse comes to me before practice, like, ‘I need you to take more threes.’ I’m like ‘All right cool.’ ‘I need you to take your time and take and make more threes.’ And I just stepped up. They were wide-open threes; it wasn’t anything special,” Beverley explained.