Photo: Orlando Magic/X

Jonathan Isaac, who had the guts and honor not to kneel during the National Anthem amid the Black Lives Matter protests, participated in consecutive games for the first time in almost four years, marking a noteworthy development from last week.

“I felt good and I’ve just been trying to do a better job of getting my rest when I need it,” Isaac said. “I definitely feel like my legs are getting back under me and I’m starting to just run free and jump free out there.”

After sitting out two complete seasons (2020/21 and ’21/22) due to a torn ACL, the Orlando Magic power forward played only 11 games in the previous season.

However, in the current ’23/24 season, he has already surpassed that count, featuring in 13 out of Orlando’s 15 matchups, including the recent Wednesday game against Denver, which was the second game in another set of back-to-back matches.