Photo: Minnesota Timberwolves/Twitter

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Nickeil Alexander-Walker is counting on his 3-point shot to make another strong impact (40.0% 3-PT last playoffs).

(via Minnesota Timberwolves):

Reporter: “In the playoffs at the end of the season last year, your 3-point volume went up and you were really getting them up for Team Canada, too. How has that kinda grown and progressed in your game to be not just a 3-point shooter, but like a pretty high volume 3-point shooter?”

Alexander-Walker: “Trusting my shot, trusting the work, and understanding that it’s gonna be something that I can use to my advantage. I think last year, it played in my favor with just the guys we have on our team and the guys that draw so much attention. Mike [Conley Jr.] is a great playmaker. Ant [Edwards] is always gonna see two to three guys. KAT [Karl-Anthony Towns] is gonna see two to three guys. Being able to make shots, and our focus was being able to shoot off the move, would just help me and help the team.”