Photo: Charlotte Hornets/Twitter

As the Charlotte Hornets gear up for their upcoming training camp, head coach Steve Clifford couldn’t help but express his admiration for rookie Brandon Miller.

The second overall pick in the 2023 NBA draft has already made a positive impression on his teammates and coaches.

Clifford highlighted Miller’s exceptional decision-making skills, which have endeared him to his fellow players. Whether it’s his scoring ability, precise passing, or off-the-ball movement, Miller’s basketball IQ shines through in every aspect of his game.

“They like playing with him already just because to me it’s his decision-making,” Clifford said about Miller. “To me, everything makes sense when you watch him. And he can really shoot.

“But he can really pass. He knows how to play without the ball. He’s been coached. He plays in a way that helps his teammates play better. So, even in pickup games, the ball moves quickly. He knows who he’s on the floor with, where they want the ball and he’s a very quick learner.”