As LeBron James prepares to embark on his 21st season in the league, the Los Angeles Lakers face the challenge of effectively managing the veteran superstar.

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham recently shed light on their approach to ensuring LeBron remains a dominant force in year 21, considering his injury struggles in the previous season.

In a press conference, Ham emphasized the importance of building a well-balanced roster to support James. The Lakers’ focus on continuity and adding skilled, athletic, and younger players who have accumulated significant NBA minutes will help in managing LeBron’s workload.

“Now that we have top to bottom what we feel like is a highly balanced, skilled, athletic younger team of guys who’ve logged a ton of NBA minutes, we can surround both he and AD with these players who are coming in eager to contribute, eager to show that they can impact winning,” Ham said.

Furthermore, Ham highlighted LeBron’s exceptional self-management skills, which have been a crucial factor in his longevity and high-level performance.

James’ dedication to self-care and his commitment to being available at a high level significantly contribute to the Lakers’ efforts to manage his minutes effectively.

In addition to LeBron’s personal commitment to his health and performance, the Lakers benefit from the NBA’s new resting rules.

The league introduced pre-approved designated back-to-back allowances for certain players. James falls under this exception, making it easier for the Lakers to manage his playing time.

Coach Ham expressed his satisfaction with LeBron’s inclusion in the rest rules, stating, “He was grandfathered in by the rest rules, so I was happy to see that.”