Photo: Los Angeles Clippers/Twitter

Earlier in the offseason, Clippers star Paul George made a bold statement, declaring that he would be on some ‘bully sh*t’ in the upcoming season.

In a recent interview with SLAM, the 33-year-old forward offered insight into the meaning behind his comment.

George clarified that his ‘bully sh*t’ statement was a declaration of his commitment to dominate on the court.

He emphasized his determination to hold himself accountable and approach every game with the intent to dominate and destroy his opponents.

“Every night I’m on the floor, I’m there to dominate. Whether it’s [being] more physical, or going right at whoever I gotta go at, you’re gonna feel me. I’m having that approach of every time I’m on the floor, I’m there to dominate and destroy you,” he said.

George’s statement was prompted by what he saw as unnecessary talk in the league, with some players directing comments towards him despite their own lack of significant accomplishments.

As he enters the latter part of his career, George is focused on leaving a lasting legacy and returning to his love for the game.

“You know, this is the last couple years of my career, so it’s all about legacy for me as well. And that’s just my approach—I got to finish strong and go back to loving the game and loving to dominate,” George explained.

When asked about what ‘Paul George being on his “bully sh*t”‘ would look like, he explained that it involves achieving a new level of consistency and refusing to back down.

He emphasized that his approach would be noticeable in his style of play throughout the upcoming season.