Photo: Washington Wizards/Twitter

Hall of Famer Rick Barry thinks that Jordan Poole (Washington Wizards) is lucky to have the contract he received from back with the Golden State Warriors.

(via Joy De’Angela):

“Jordan Poole’s very fortunate. He had a really good year, and then they gave him a max contract, which to be honest with you, I would have never given him a max contract because he didn’t play long enough at that level. The max contracts are somebody that’s proven they can give you that kind of performance year after year. You earn the right to get a max contract. He didn’t play. He had a nice year, but they didn’t have two great years in a row or three great years in a row. They were very fortunate to get the deal done to be able to unload that big contract in order to be able to make some moves and put together the team that they now have.”