The Heat took a step further this year. Last season Miami lost against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals and missed on the NBA Finals.

This year the two teams met again in the conference finals, but it was the Heat hat won the series. Miami’s star Jimmy Butler, who led Game 7 in scoring with 28 points, was reminded about his quote after losing the conference finals last year and was asked why kept believing in his team.

“I just know why coach Pat [Riley] and coach [Erik] Spo[elstra] wanted me to be here and that’s to compete at a high level and to win championships,” Butler said. “I know that the group that they put around me at all times is going to give me an opportunity to do so. So I was always very, very confident in that.

“I worked extremely hard with the team, with Brickley, I can score on Remy all day every day as I’ve posted on Instagram. So I’m just confident. I know the work that we all put into it, so I know what we’re capable of. But nobody’s satisfied. We haven’t done anything. We don’t play just to win the Eastern Conference, we play to win the whole thing.”