Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Anthony Davis took the blame for the Lakers’ loss against the Knicks. He scored 17 points (8/18 field goals) and grabbed 16 rebounds.

His teammate Dennis Schroder did not think that Davis is the one responsible for the loss. “It’s everybody in this locker room,” the German point guard said. “I can say the same thing – when I came in I had two quick turnovers. It’s on everybody. When we lose we lose as a team when we win we win as a team.

“AD tries to be great at all times. He’s been 90% of the time great for us. They missed free-throws here, it happens, we’re all humans and we can’t control if a shot goes in. Everything else defensively he did a great job still even in the second half on Julius Randle. So he can’t put it on himself.”