Amid low-scoring production and heckling from the fans, P.J. Tucker remains unswayed by the outside noise of the Philadelphia 76ers camp

Tucker, who joined the Sixers last offseason, said that scoring won’t matter for him as long as the club keeps on winning games.

“As long as we’re winning, it don’t matter,” Tucker said on Sunday, per Ky Carlin of Sixers Wire. “Of course, you want more shots, what player don’t? But with the way we play–coach talks about a lack of ball movement all the time. It’s one of those things. Sometimes you get shots, sometimes you don’t, you keep playing, and figure it out.”

Philadelphia brought Tucker on a reported three-year $33 million deal, with both Joel Embiid and James Harden helping the recruitment stage just to acquire him. The signing boosts the franchise’s dents in vocal leadership and defensive approach, as Tucker established himself as one of the most well-respected veterans in the association.

Despite the defensive promises that the partnership has brought, Tucker also carried his notable low-scoring tendencies down in Philly. This season, he is averaging 3.7 points and shooting 38.7% from three, which has been a subject of discussion for some given his brand-new contract.

Tucker acknowledges that ball movement is going in for the Sixers, which impacts his scoring numbers.

“Of course, but it’s part of the game,” Tucker continued. “Sometimes you get shots, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes the ball moves, sometimes it don’t. Without having Jo, ball gotta pop. Ball gotta move, make easy shots for each other. It is what it is.”

With James Harden out, who navigates the ball with his wizardry of distribution, Tucker noted that they need to move the ball in the absence of the All-Star guard.

“It’s different with James because James kinda controls the game,” Tucker said. “He gets everybody the ball.

“Without James, it’s tough, that’s why the ball has to move even more.”