Photo: Matt York/AP

Following another crushing loss, head coach Steve Kerr kept it real that the Warriors are horribly inconsistent in how they approach their games.

“We’ve got to get everybody on board, on the same page in terms of worrying about winning,” Kerr said, via ESPN’s Kendra Andrews. “Right now, we’re just scattered. There’s no execution. There’s no commitment to the group.”

Hitting the enemy territory briefly on Wednesday before going back to San Francisco, the Dubs became unlucky victims again of road sickness. They were sent crashing by the Phoenix Suns, 130-119, en route to their ninth loss of the season.

Their recent defeat, meanwhile, has stretched their road record to eight-straight losses, now owning the longest road losing record by a defending champion since the 1998-1999 Chicago Bulls – a new season for the franchise following the legendary basketball ruling of Michael Jordan (h/t ESPN’s Stats & Info).

“We lack collective grit … We’re playing a Drew League game right now,” Kerr stressed out.

The Wednesday loss has blemished the magnificent night of Stephen Curry. The reigning Finals MVP splashed a near double-double of 50 points and nine boards with 7-of-11 threes made, but his godly efforts weren’t enough to keep the Warriors on par with the collective contributions of the Suns that are missing both Chris Paul and Cam Johnson.

Curry acknowledged the fact that they are facing tons of issues to start the season, and cutting it out will delete the losing culture that keeps stinging their pride and current hold as the defending champs.

“It’s a struggle right now, keeping it real. We have to understand that it’s going to be really hard to dig yourself out of the situation that we’re in because there are a lot of issues … losing becomes a habit if you don’t fix it.”

The Warriors will travel back to the Bay Area to make a three-day regrouping before facing the New York Knicks on Sunday.