During the preseason, teams unveiled their new NBA uniforms for the 2022–23 season. If you didn’t want to watch anything other than the official games and bet on them on the best basketball betting sites, however, you had the opportunity to check out the NBA teams’ Instagram accounts to see how their uniforms look and any changes they made from the previous season. Now, that the season set off on October 18, you can definitely make sure whether or not you like your favorite team’s jersey.

The place you live and the NBA outfits are similar. If you do not seem to like them right away, give them a little time; they will grow on you. Nike has been the league’s official uniform designer since 2017, and practically every set has seen significant and regular alterations since then. The traditionalists have largely remained the very same, but some of the more recent teams have seized the opportunity to entirely redesign their designs.

The next 2022–23 season will include a few new uniforms, as is customary. While some teams underwent total makeovers, others simply added vintage or alternative appearances.

Here is a list of each new uniform that will be used during the 2022–2023 NBA season, listed in alphabetical order:

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks will don the black and peach alternative uniforms for 2022–23 for the inaugural time on Thursday, November 10, against the 76ers in State Farm Arena, replacing the “Forever 404” City edition suit from the previous season.

The Hawks will use their City edition jerseys in 10 games, as stated on the league website – all home games.

Boston Celtics

This season, the Celtics will wear a unique City edition uniform in memory of the late Bill Russell. The Celtics introduced this uniform on opening night, with a darker green and 11 diamonds along the side to celebrate 11 championships of ‘The Secretary of Defense’.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets introduced two new uniforms to go with their customary black and white sets: a Statement version and a Classic edition. The name and numbers are surrounded by a white outline on the statement edition, giving it a black-on-black appearance.

The Julius Erving epoch, when they were known as the New York Nets and played in the red, white, and blue color scheme, is honored in the Classic edition.

Charlotte Hornets

The Hornets unveiled their redesigned purple jerseys for this season with a slightly modified Statement appearance. The “Hornets” across the chest, as opposed to “CHA”, is the most noticeable alteration.

Should they don the purple jerseys at home, they also will have a different court layout.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls did not debut their new look until their opening 2022–23 NBA contest versus the Heat.

The standard jersey will maintain its previous season’s appearance. It is not yet known how the City edition will appear or whether it will resemble the one from the previous season, which included a reference to the franchise’s founding in 1966. The Chicago lettering and three-color trim, as well as other distinctively Bulls design aspects, were stressed on the uniform and had the diamond logo to honor the NBA’s 75th anniversary.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Before closing a deal for star guard Donovan Mitchell in September, the Cavs unveiled a brand-new look for their team, ushering in a new era. Here it is: the new affiliation (white), icon (wine), and statement (black) are the sets.

The team colors remain the same.

Dallas Mavericks

This season’s Mavs kit has not yet been announced. However, their City edition and Statement uniforms leaked back in March. Any new outfit, even if it is just transitory, draws a lot of interest from the fan base for a team that has worn the same core outfits for 20 years and, quite frankly, one that would really profit from a new rebranding.

It appears that the new City editions are the blue uniforms with green outlines around “Dallas” on the chest and the new Statement editions are the navy blue uniforms with all-white outlining.

Denver Nuggets

Denver’s ”Mile High” statement collection was somewhat modified. Although the shorts and jerseys are still blue, there is more yellow and red this year.

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons will play in two new outfits as they attempt to return to the postseason for the first time after 2019.

The vintage version pays homage to the 1990s when Grant Hill & Co. helped make the distinctive teal uniforms popular. The “DET” is embroidered on the chest of the Statement edition set above horizontal stripes colored in red and blue, while vertical stripes of the same color are placed on the side of the shorts.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors appear to have a new alternate uniform each year. They feature new Statement and traditional sets for 2022–2023.

The Statement edition features a straightforward navy blue layout with gold text, numerals, and accent. The Classic model, which pays homage to the “Run TMC” era, was unveiled with assistance from Dubs legend Chris Mullin.

Houston Rockets

This season, the Rockets are playing it very safe. This retro aesthetic pays homage to the franchise’s Southern California heritage when they made the move from San Diego to Houston in 1971.

Indiana Pacers

This season’s Pacers kits have not yet been announced.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers will utilize the “Los Angeles” wordmark created by L.A. tattooist Mister Cartoon for the third consecutive season. But in 2022–2023, they are going to add a splash of color with red and blue around the shoulders and collar instead of sticking with simple black and white.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers modified their purple clothes once more, breaking with tradition by incorporating more black into the pattern.

The good news is that the Lakers will be wearing a vintage lineup with enticing retro uniforms in white, baby blue, and yellow that pays homage to their 1950s beginnings in Minneapolis.

Memphis Grizzlies

This season’s Grizzlies outfits have not yet been fully disclosed.

Their 2022-23 Statement edition jersey maintains our recognizable Beale Street Blue color base while blending the unbalanced silhouette of our present uniform system. This uniform reimagines our heritage with a revamped Nxt Gen and Big Memphis style, drawing word mark influence from our 2001 Memphis jerseys and using our “Memphis Soul” special side panel and MEM pattern.

Miami Heat

The Heat will return to their vintage home gear for the franchise’s 35th anniversary.

Milwaukee Bucks

This season, the Bucks’ Classic edition uniforms will feature purple from the Ray Allen era. The new earned edition outfit from Milwaukee is black with cream-colored deer horns running along the side of the jersey.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Wolves’ new jersey is a statement edition of gray with elements of neon green.

New Orleans Pelicans

This season’s Pelicans clothes have not yet been announced.

New York Knicks

The 2022–23 Nike Statement edition jersey for the New York Knicks has been announced. The former Statement selection, a royal blue jersey with “NEW YORK” arcing across the chest in white and worn since the 2020–21 season, is replaced by the new black uniform.

The player’s number is located underneath the word “NEW YORK”, which is now orange with a royal blue accent across the chest. The collar and each arm are finished with a substantial, solid orange trim. Where things start to differ is in the striping that runs down both sides of the shirt and shorts. On each side of a black area, there are two thin, vertical yellow and orange stripes coupled together.

Oklahoma City Thunder

This season’s Thunder outfits have not yet been announced.

Orlando Magic

The Magic are reliving pinstripes from the Shaq and Penny era, but with a modern twist.

The popular black pinstripes on the blue jersey of their new statement outfits for this season contrast with the dark green camouflage with stars on the collar, arms, and side panel.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers’ “City of Brotherly Love” uniform, which was allegedly leaked in September, is thought to be the City edition jersey for the 2022–23 campaign.

Instead of any of the “Sixers”, “Philadelphia” or “Phila” labels the team has been using for the past few years, the jersey places “City of Brotherly Love” over the breast. Along with the bicentennial “76” positioned in the corner of the left leg on the shorts and the 13 stars on the waist, the jersey and shorts also have red stripes running down the sides.

Phoenix Suns

This season, Phoenix will wear two new uniforms: a Statement version and a Classic variant.

The pixelated gradient sunset on the black Statement set’s chest is inscribed with “PHX”. NBA greats Charles Barkley, Steve Nash, and Jason Kidd once wore the iconic 1990s set with the soaring basketball across the chest.

Portland Trail Blazers

Star guard Damian Lillard designed Portland’s newest Statement edition outfit after signing a new agreement with the team. It has the recognizable Blazers whirlwind on the chest and is red.

Sacramento Kings

This season’s Kings outfits have not yet been announced.

San Antonio Spurs

The new Statement uniforms for the Spurs maintain the team’s classic black, silver, and white color scheme while also introducing “SATX” over the chest and a checkered side panel.

Additionally, they will wear a throwback jersey from the George Gervin era.

Toronto Raptors

This season’s Raptors outfits have not yet been announced.

Utah Jazz

This year, the Jazz will appear very different on the court—and not just physically. Star players Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert were traded during the summer.

With three new primary outfits and a homage to the purple uniforms immortalized by Karl Malone and John Stockton, the team also altered its colors to white, black, and yellow.

Washington Wizards

The pink, cherry blossom-themed new City edition set from the Wizards will be released. Washington will also feature the timeless white set that Gilbert Arenas and Michael Jordan previously made popular in the early 2000s.