After sitting the entire last season Ben Simmons is making a return to NBA basketball. So far he has played in two preseason games for the Nets.

The Australian point guard took 9 shots in total, scoring 4 and 6 points in each game respectively. Simmons also had 5 and 4 assists in those games. One area of concern was his hesitancy to shoot.

Kevin Durant says he wants Simmons to be aggressive and not to worry about missing shots. At the same time the two-time NBA champion is not going to babysit his younger teammate.

“Trust in him, pass him the ball, tell him be aggressive…,” KD said, per Brian Lewis of New York Post. “(But) I’m not here to babysit anybody. Ben knows that. If he’s got a time to be aggressive go be aggressive. Who gives a sh*t if you miss it? We like you being aggressive.”