Photo: Justin Ford/Getty Images

There is a possibility that the NBA will make a move to penalize Anthony Edwards upon his controversial homophobic remarks.

As provided by Chris Hine by Star Tribune, the Minnesota Timberwolves guard could face a disciplinary punishment from the league, either in the form of a game suspension or monetary fine.

As he claimed, the likes of Nikola Jokic, Kevin Durant and Rajon Rondo were handed respective violations over their unfair actions in this given category. In 2018, Jokic was given a $25,000 fine over his homophobic words. The same goes with Durant in 2021, who settled an amount of $50,000. Rondo, way back as a member of the Sacramento Kings in 2015, was suspended for one game after delivering hate speech against a gay official.

Edwards faced public backlash after hurling an insult against a group of shirtless men, calling them “queer ass n****s” in a derogatory way and followed it by saying “Look at the world I came to.” He filmed his actions and posted it in Instagram story.

As it went spreading controversially in social media, various groups and LGBTQ-pro advocates expressed their criticism against the former No. 1 overall pick. Edwards followed it up with a quick apology post on Twitter.

Given that the league, even the Timberwolves franchise, supports the LGBTQ community, investigation and assessment is now taking place as a  response against the unequal treatment provided by Edwards.