Photo: David Berding/Getty Images

In a hilarious, yet commanding remark, Patrick Beverley may have provided some glimpse of what he can further bring to the Los Angeles Lakers.

And these are competitiveness and a much-needed swagger.

During his first workout press conference as a member of the Lakers, Beverley was asked what is going to be like playing with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the superstar duo of the franchise.

Beverley made it known and didn’t hold back expressing his true sentiments – boasting the achievement he had last season that the two weren’t able to attain.

As the lone, experienced veteran, Beverley remarkably mentored the Minnesota Timberwolves, helping the said young squad to pin a spot in the last season’s playoff arena as the seventh seed.

Meanwhile, amid the star-studded core they got, the Lakers crumbled from hype and expectations as they disappointingly missed a postseason bid partly due to injuries and chemistry issues.

With Los Angeles hoping to be back in contention category, Beverley will truly be there and ready to provide what he can.