Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James
Photo: lakersdaily.com

When Anthony Davis joined LeBron James on the Lakers and Kawhi Leonard teamed up with Paul George on the Clippers, it was seen as a start of new era and a new rivalry between the two Los Angeles teams.

However, while the Lakers have a championship to show up for in 2020 and the Clippers have no titles at all, outside of that it was the latter team that dominated the in games between the two teams.

Sports analyst Steph made a segment on the topic, pointing out how the Clippers have been by far the better team in Los Angeles.

“[The Lakers] still ain’t the best team in LA,” he said on ESPN’s Get Up. “Kawhi Leonard is coming back, Paul George is there, John Wall is a big-time pickup…

“John Wall in with the Clippers with Kawhi and Paul George they’ve beaten the Lakers 7 straight times, they’re like 32 of the last 39 times. Isn’t even a damn rivalry. I mean the Clippers are just mopping he streets of LA with the Los Angeles Lakers.”