Draymond Green, who has been subject of angry chants from the Boston fans in previous games, said postgame that did not hear any ‘F- you Draymond!’ chants during Game 6.

The Warriors became just the second team in history to close out an NBA Finals series in TD Garden, the home court of the Celtics.

The now four-time NBA champion also remembered this fact during the postgame press conference, saying ‘why not us?’

“For me it was just about staying the course and I knew that I hadn’t had a great game yet,” Green started talking about his struggles in the Finals series. “I had good games, I was clamping and doing things, but I hadn’t quite put it all together yet. For me, I said what better time than to put it together tonight.

“I don’t think I heard ‘F- you Draymond!’ all night. They couldn’t. It’s easy to chat ‘F-you’ when somebody having a bad gam, but can you do that when they having a great game?

“I didn’t hear much of it tonight. Maybe I was just that locked. But second team to win and close it out at TD Garden, right? Why not us? Who better than us? Four times. Who better than us?”