Looking for a gift this month of July? A present for your beloved ones? A cool gadget for yourself? Worry no more because Padmate got you!

Introducing their newest bluetooth earbuds, the PaMu Slide 2!

PaMu Slide 2 was designed and created to satisfy your cravings for great, peaceful music — highlighted by key features that you will always want to have for desired earbuds.

Deep and punchy bass

Having the power to drop the bass with 10mm dynamic drivers that go deeper and stronger, PaMu Slide 2 poses an ideal deep and punchy one for your music-inclined ears — assuring a rich sound experience without distortions. 

Digital Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

Don’t want to be bothered by outside sounds? Pamu Slide 2 got your back! These new earbuds by Padmate can reduce noise up to 45dB. Further, it has a noise reduction bandwidth of 20-2000Hz — good enough for you to be focused on watching videos, films, shows without being disturbed while traveling. 

It isolates your vocals from the noises and winds around you. Indeed, a great one to be partnered with your phone! 

Long-lasting battery life

Hoping to have bluetooth earbuds that possess a long-lasting battery life? Then PaMu 2 is the one for you! 

PaMu 2 has an amazing 6.5 hours of single charge and up to 26 hours of battery life — truly fitting as a travel buddy and your pair for enjoying non-stop music.

Comes with a different sizes for earplugs 

If you want a variety of sizes of soft and durable earplugs, PaMu 2 truly has it. Having different dimensions, it allows you to choose a comfortable plug for both sides of your ears.

All these amazing features are combined in such powerful Bluetooth earbuds, PaMu Slide 2. It already won multiple design awards with its unique camera concept and classic sliding design! Not to mention, several NBA stars like Tracy McGrady, Domantas Sabonis and Kyle Kuzma have already expressed their satisfaction of using other Padmate’s bluetooth earbuds like the PaMu Quiet!

This newest Pamu Slide 2 can only bring another excitement in embarking the music world and relaxation of one’s self!

So what are you waiting for?! Check out the PaMu Slide 2 Indiegogo campaign here to avail one! Hurry! Don’t miss the super early bird sale of 55% off!