Photo: Fernando Medina/Getty Images

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra was asked about his team’s resolve and also Jimmy Butler’s 47 point performance while facing elimination in Game 6 vs. the Boston Celtics.

(Via Jump View):

“That’s similar to what I said after the last game. There are so many wild swinging emotions in a playoff run. And you really just have to try to stay stable, find out what’s real, what’s not real, what’s objective, and not get caught up in these wild swings. We have a very passionate group. We have guys that love competition and understand how difficult it is to try to do what we’re trying to do. We’re facing a very good team. So our guys just embrace that kind of challenge and the competition that we’re faced with. Then their defense, it’s so strong that sometimes you just need your great player to make plays. It wasn’t a matter of schematics or things like that. Jimmy just brought his competitive will tonight. It was a will that would not let us lose.”