Not everyone picked the Suns to win the second round series against the Mavericks. Draymond Green went with Dallas and turned out to be right.

In the latest episode of his podcast the three-time NBA champion shared his thoughts on the series between Phoenix and Dallas, saying that he expected the Mavs to win Game 7, just not by 33 points.

“As we now know, the Dallas Mavericks went into Phoenix and … won,” Green said. “I actually expected the Dallas Mavericks to win this game. I also picked the Dallas Mavericks to win on the pod as you all know. Forty? That’s tough. That’s tough.

“I was shocked at the game going into the game for the Suns. Like, they were still switching everything and Luka had been inviting those switches and he was calling, start of the game first play he called DeAndre Ayton up and he got into the switch and he got to this little spin and step back off the left foot Dirk. And then the play was a three.

“You just knew like ‘Alright.’ When you get to a Game 7, you already know, they know what we’re trying to do, we know what they’re trying to do, who’s gonna lay harder, who’s gonna get the 50-50 balls may the best man win, who’s going to shoot best, who’s role player is going to come up a little more.

“Luka dominated the game early and then the role players got going. They were actually missing shots early on. Jalen Brunson was missing early on, Dorian Finney-Smith was missing early on. Where the other guys actually got going was when Spencer [Dinwiddie] came into the game. Spencer came into the game, he really got it going.

“And then everyone else picked it up and that was huge. Holding Chris Paul, Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton in the first half to 1/15 shooting. I think that’s been one of the biggest improvements in the Dallas Mavericks team is their defense. From the start of the season to now they’re a totally different team defensively.

“As you can see, they held the Suns to 27 points in the first half. It’s hard to find games in the NBA where a team has 27 points at the end of the first quarter. They had 27 at the end of the first half. That was an incredible display of dominance by Dallas. Incredible display.

“You want to point our their defense was great and like 27 points their offense was great and guys had it going. It was just a display of dominance. Luka got going and the rest of the guys followed.

“That I’m sure caught a lot of people off guard Like I said, I thought they would win. Of course I just didn’t predict that they would win by 40. But the series outcome didn’t surprise me. It didn’t surprise me.”